Adult Education

Sunday Morning 9:00-10:00 (in classroom off Gathering Space)

  • Different facilitators, formats, conversations each week — check the home page for specifics for each upcoming Sunday
  • First Sunday of the Month : Coffee Conversations (facilitated by Gene Pittman). Relevant, biblically grounded, faith-filled discussions help us dig deeper and interpret our daily lives in the light of Christ.
  • Second Sunday of the Month: Exploring Discipleship Today  (facilitated by David Hammond.  Using videos, TV commercials, movie clips, written essays, and the Bible we’ll explore what it means for us to be better disciples in our society today and why it is important for us and for our church and community.
  • Third Sunday of the Month: Church-wide event. Hands on learning for all ages (includes nursery/preschool coverage beginning at 9am)
  • Fourth Sunday: Decisions Decisions: What’s a Christian to do? Current Events and Christian Responses (facilitated by Chuck Gehrke). Conversations on faith and politics with an intentional focus on respect and action.

Tuesday Noon-1 :00. First Look Over Lunch (facilitated by Rev. Cathi King). Together we look at the upcoming text for Sunday and consider what it means for us today


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