About Us

Our Mission:

We are a loving community of faith
following Jesus Christ,
where everyone has a place and a face,
a story and a voice.
Our minds, hearts and hands are engaged,
as we humbly serve
our neighbors near and far.
Come and See

Our story began in the fall of 1825 when Presbyterian pastor Rev. Noah M. Wells conducted the first worship service in Tecumseh. A lot has changed since then…

  • Leadership: We celebrate that God equips and calls everyone, women, and men, young and old to all ministries of the church.
  • Language: We tell the timeless story of Jesus and his love with new words for today.
  • Learning and Action: We study the Bible and humanity. We acknowledge our blind spots and the limits of our understanding. We pray for grace and courage to move outside our comfort zones. We work toward abundant life for all God’s children.
  • Legacy: We acknowledge that God has brought us together for a reason. We are each who and what we are because of the people of faith who have impacted our lives, and we carry their legacy forward to the next generation by God’s grace.

We follow Jesus because:
he has the words of life,
we are inspired to believe in a dream
where all things are made new,
the way is counter-cultural, radical and real,
he knows us, loves us and calls us each by name.

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